Fredrik & Sofia

The wedding took place at Ervalla kyrka, a lovely, square-shaped church outside of Örebro. The wedding party then was located at the mansion Dylta Bruk, a few kilometers from the church. The portraits were taken pre-ceremony at Dylta Bruk, and the place have some lovely nature and some nice barns with a rustique feeling.

I shot the wedding with my Sonys, the a7 II and the a6500, both working really well. I just love the eye-autofocus on the a6500, wish I had that in the a7 ii as well. It helps me to be creative and not to fiddle with settings, which ultimately makes the pictures better in the end.

Coming from Canon, I have to admit that I miss the skin tones of the system, but I think that Sony will figure that out and it's just a matter of time. The cameras help me so much in every other way and the good overweigh the bad.

Many pictures from this wedding came out really great, and here I give you some of my favourites.